Win £10,000 In January

YOU could be the next £10,000 bi-annual Lotto JACKPOT winner with the draw due to take place on January 4th 2008.

The draw will take place on the Lotto Agents Christmas Party Night at St Patrick’s Catholic Club with former legend Graeme West making the draw.

To join the draw and get your chance winning £1000 every week, £10,000 twice a year or hundreds of other cash prizes in Wigan’s best LOCAL LOTTERY contact the Lotto Office on 01942 231321. You can also follow the link below and you could be signed up to pay by Debit or Credit card within minutes and enter all the great weekly draws.

If you can help even more by becoming an agent/collector with the additional benefits of commission on all monies collected, bonus on major winners sold and discount off your Warriors season ticket, again call the Lotto Team.

For more information, or to join,you can call the Lotto Hotline on 01942 231321 or by [clicking here] to download an application form.

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