Whelan Supports Lenagan

Outgoing Warriors owner David Whelan spoke to us earlier this week following the sale of the Club to Ian Lenagan and gave his total support to the new man in charge.

He said, "When I first put the Club up for say he (Ian Lenagan) was the only person who came forward with the real real Wigan credentials. He could afford to run the Club, he could afford to pay back some of the momey I invested in it, his heart and soul is in one thing and that is Wigan Rugby League Club.

"I would say to every supporter: thanks for your support last year it was fantastic, support the Club with Ian he will get you some success it may take a little time but give him the opportunity please".

Talking about the future of the JJB Stadium Dave said,

"The whole of my family support the idea that this stadium (the JJB) belongs to the people of Wigan so I'm looking at ways now of how I can gift this stadium to the Wigan people, Wigan football and Wigan Rugby League".

Whelan added,

"I would not have put this Club into anybodies hands who I did not trust and I didn't feel would take this Club forward. Ian Lenagan has all those attributes".

watch1.gif the full interview here.

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