Latest Ticket Information for Millennium Magic

Tickets are still available from the JJB Stadium Ticket Office for this weekends Millennium Magic event in Cardiff. Tickets will be sold at the club until Thursday of this week, after that tickets can be purchased in Cardiff itself.

For any fans yet to secure their seats a reminder that the top priced tickets are now sold out. However, great seats are still available with concessionary prices starting from £5 per day or £10 for the weekend.

Adult tickets start from £18 per day for three derby games or £30 for the whole weekend and six games of rugby league.

For more ticket information, [click here] and to book your tickets visit the JJB Stadium Ticket Office or on the new Ticket Hotline number by calling 0871 66-33-552.

All supporters are urged to purchase through the Warriors as a unique scheme has been established whereby revenue gained from ticket sales through the club is kept by the club, while the revenue from tickets bought through the RFL is distributed to all 12 competing clubs.

For those fans who wait until after Thursday the good news is that tickets WILL be available in Cardiff on the day of the matches.

Tickets will be on sale from the Millennium Stadium Ticket Office on St Mary’s Street in Cardiff city centre on both Saturday and Sunday morning from 11am onwards.

St Mary’s Street is just a short walk from the stadium itself.

There is also an alternative ticket purchase point in Cardiff city centre which is located at Cardiff Arms Park ticket office. This is situated next door to the stadium.

Meanwhile the RFL Ticket Office reports that overall sales for the event continue to remain on target to meet expectations of 25,000 fans attending each day.

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