Girls Rugby Camp Success

The inaugural Warriors girl’s only coaching camp proved to be an outstanding success with over 20 children attending the two day Rugby League extravaganza last week.

The camp was delivered by the Wigan Warriors Primary Link Co-ordinator, Amanda Wilkinson and local volunteers Mick Taylor and Alison McNulty.

The camp was designed to allow the girls to experience the benefits of physical activity and learn the basic skills of Rugby League. It was visited by Ben Kavanagh and Michael McIlorum who were on hand to offer encouragement to the youngsters that attended.

The girls session was held at the end of a six week coaching programme, where young people from Shevington, Standish and St John Fisher high schools were part of a series of activities which introduced them to the sport of Rugby League.

Primary Link Co-ordinator, Amanda Wilkinson said:

"The camp proved to be a tremendous success with all girls taking part showing a fantastic level of enthusiasm and desire for the game. The camp just showed that the sport is equally attractive to women as it is to men and that the hard work that has been put into the schools programme is finally paying off".

Girls_Ball_170.jpg As a result of the camp it is envisaged that through Shevington Sharks development officer Mick Taylor the girls will be given the opportunity to join their local club and take part in the sport on a regular basis. This will be done in conjunction with the club and will be delivered via the newly developed Girls Coaching Centre which will be hosted at Robin Park Sports arena.

The centre will be designed as an outlet for girls to learn the fundamentals of the sport and introduce them to the concept of competitive rugby. The centre will run on a Tuesday evening between 5.00pm and 6.00pm and starts on Tuesday 20th February costing just £1 per child per session.

Community Development Manager, John Winder said:

"The programme was a huge first for the club and is just one of a number of new initiatives that the we will be delivering in order to allow every member of our community to experience the greatest sport of all".

All children attending received a certificate, medal and goodie bag to remember their Warriors experience from Ben and Michael.

If you are interested in receiving information on future Wigan Warriors community activities then please [click here] and enter your details stating "WARRIORS GIRLS RUGBY" in the comments box.

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