Coach Reflects On Win

After the game Head Coach Ian Millward was delighted with the win and the two Super League points. Wigan raced into a 30-0 lead in almost as many minutes,

"The first half was outstanding, some of the tries we scored were a joy to see and fantastic for the fans. Every week we have got better. I wasn't surprised by the first half, we had alot of ball but what we did with it was outstanding. Our completion rate was 90% and we had alot of sets. I knew the tide would turn, you can't carry that all the way through. I was really pleased with alot of our game but I also know there are areas we can improve on."

On the front three Ian added,

"I thought Jerry, Wayne and Iafeta did an excellent job, they made great yardage and some great stuff around the rucks. I think everyone can go to bed tonight knowing they did alot of good things and also know there are areas we can improve on. I don't expect too much so early in the season."

Kevin Brown slotted in at stand off,

"I thought he did well, Kevin needs a few runs under his belt before he reaches where he wants to be. We kept the same 17 as last week, we just changed it around on form and what we needed to win the game.

"There was improvement again in the players from last week and there is more improvement still left in them. I'm just excited we won our first game of the season at home. We deserved the win, we have put alot of effort in over the last few weeks and it will give us alot of confidence."

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