Carney to join Gold Coast

After plenty of speculation it has finally been confirmed that Wigan and GB Winger Brian Carney will make a move to the NRL in Australia when his current contract with the Warriors expires at the end of the 2006 season and join the new club the Gold Coast.

Wigan Head Coach Ian Millward hinted at the press conference this week that it looked as if Brian would be leaving the club after next season to try his hand down under.

Ian told the official website,

"We wish him well and I know he is looking forward to opportunity of trying his hand in the NRL when his contract ends here .We look forward first though to Brian finishing his Super League career with Wigan on a high."

Gold Coast managing director Michael Searle said Carney was always high on the priority list despite declaring last week that halfback, five-eighth, fullback and the front row were the key positions to fill.

"He was always going to be a key signing for us because he's a Great Britain international and highly regarded by most in the game as the best winger in the game," Searle said.

"He's certainly been the best performed winger over the last two Tri Nations series without any doubt.

"The guy genuinely wanted to come here. He wants to challenge himself in the National Rugby League.

"The difficult thing with all English rugby league players is that they have to take a pay-cut to come to our game.

"But Brian's a guy that is highly motivated and recognises that he's competed at the absolute pinnacle of our game, which is Great Britain v Australia, but wants to test himself week in week out.

"The guy's a genuine character and he'll become an icon for our base too."

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