Chairman - We Refuse to Be Negative

Wigan Chairman Maurice Lindsay has spent the day facing the world's media today, the day after watching his beloved Wigan side go down to their second straight record defeat.

"We're hurting pretty badly, I'm hurting pretty badly, the fans are hurting pretty badly and the dressing room is hurting pretty badly" said Lindasy.

"Under the laws of rugby league and the salary cap and the 20/20 rule, we can't just go out and rescue the situation by signing three top internationals for next week. We just have to guts it out and that's our intention for this year and hopefully improve for next year."

The Chairman also believes that we have yet to see the best out of some of the players that, as yet, have underperformed this campaign.

"We signed Super League's top try scorer in Denis Moran, and poor Denis is struggling like mad to find his confidence and find his form and get over the try line. But he's one of many and the whole team seems to be struggling with this lack of confidence."

However, Lindsay adamantly refused to be negative and to look at contingencies for possible relegation.

"We refuse to be negative" he said,

"If you're a competitive sportsman, you must not think about that, the players know their responsibilities, the players know the challenge that they've had this season.

"We've got to be brave, we've got to be tough, we've got to be stong."

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