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The Wigan Warriors Community Foundation is Wigan Warriors official charity and uses the power of Sport and Rugby League to make a difference to people’s lives. We work across many areas in Wigan, Cumbria, The Midlands and London.

We deliver a wide range of programmes from Rugby League coaching session’s right through to programmes that improve health, wellbeing and improve the career prospects of young people and adults. We are proud to support Health, Education, Social Inclusion, Well Being and Equality of Opportunity at the heart of our objectives. We currently deliver programmes to over 10,000 people per year and it is essential that partners support the work of the foundation to ensure sustainability.

For more information on our education, health and engagement programmes download our Community Foundation brochure by clicking HERE

Motivating, Educating and Inspiring our Local Community

— Wigan Warriors Community Foundation Mission Statement


  • To promote community participation in Rugby League and other sports capable of improving health and well being
  • To advance the education of children, young people and adults
  • To support and develop community sports clubs activity
  • To promote the importance of history and heritage
  • To deliver and promote inclusive activities for all.

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Key Contacts

For any general queries, please email: [email protected]

Daniel Fullerton

Interim Head of Community Foundation Tel: 01942 762 880 | Email: [email protected]

Scott Rafferty

Schools Education Manager Tel: 01942 762 880 | Email: [email protected]

Mike Stoneley

Community Outreach Development Officer Tel: 01942 762 880 | Email: [email protected]

Jack Corless

Disability and Inclusion Officer Email: [email protected]

John Whalley

Rugby Development Manager Tel: 01942 762 880 | Email: [email protected]

Tom Marsh

Rugby League Development Manager Tel: 01942 762 880 | Email: [email protected]

Ryan Lee

Bolton Rugby League Developement Officer Email: [email protected]


Wigan Warriors Community Foundation is reliant on partners to support our projects across a range of different community projects. Our main partners are from quite varied business sectors and they all make a huge contribution to what we deliver.

Main Partner

Mitsubishi Electric is the main sponsor of Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and has committed to support the work of foundation between 2015 through to 2024. The foundation is delighted to be working with an internationally respected brand. Mitsubishi Electric has an ethos of changing behaviour to address the crucial issues faced surrounding global energy consumption. They have a global plan to achieve Net Zero emissions. Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 outlines this goal and how the company will achieve this outcome of protecting the air land and water with our hearts and technologies to sustain a better future for all

Consistent with these objectives we worked together to launch of the “I’m a Green Warrior Campaign” where Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and Wigan Warriors will be driving a campaign for all its partners to engage with the green agenda and make significant contribution to changing the behaviour of many partners. The shared core values combined with each company wider objectives sees an outstanding partnership to reach communities, make a difference and excel in achieving core business outcomes.

Community Partners