Clubb Man 7

Clubb Man 7

Hey guys,

I know some of you might have seen John Bateman’s tweet the other day, so I just want to start by letting everyone know that I’m not planning on a change of career, I just need to be careful where I choose to stand next time!

Anyway, looking back on our game against Huddersfield the other night, I think it was a good game for us. Huddersfield had hit form in the couple of weeks before coming to us and they put us under a lot of pressure, but I thought our defence really stood up on the night. For it to come down to drop goals, I think that says a lot about how tough it was to break through in the game, but Sarg sealed it at the end and it was good to see the boys have a good old pile on.

This week we’ve had a good bit of team time off the field as well as on it. We were invited to Revolution to try out one of their new burger menu and we had a bit of a press day there too. It’s back to the hard work now though as we travel to Warrington on Thursday night.

Just like a few weeks ago back home, it’s a top of the table clash and it’ll definitely be a tough game for both of us. We’ve had a good talk about the game and we have a good idea of how we want it to pan out, but ourselves and Warrington have some of the better defensive stats this year so I’m sure it’ll be a very physical game, but a good one at that. Personally, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s always good at away games to hear our own supporters making more noise than the home supporters and it really gives us that lift on the field, especially in heavy periods of the game.

It’s Waney’s 150th game as Head Coach too this week. He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with and it’s an honour to be involved in this game. We all really enjoy playing for Waney and the boys will be up for this one.

Just to finish off I’m sure you’ve all seen the draw now that we travel to Dewsbury in the Challenge Cup. It’s such an amazing competition to be a part of, and we’ve seen already that there’s been some upsets, so it’s a real chance for some of the lower ranked teams to show what they’ve got. Waney wants us to get back to Wembley this year, so we’ll be treating Dewsbury as we treat any team in the Super League and hoping to get our Challenge Cup run off to a win.

See you soon, Clubby.