Clubb Man 2017 - 6

Clubb Man 2017 - 6

Hi guys,

So we come off the back of a draw against Huddersfield and a loss to Hull FC, two games which ultimately we were really disappointed with, more so the Huddersfield game. We were very patchy, we weren’t clever with the ball and they kept kicking goals which put us behind, but we hung in there and managed to come away with the draw, which wasn’t the worst result for us. We knew we were poor, but it took us to the top of the league so we got to enjoy that for a little while.

Then against Hull, in the first half we just couldn’t find a handle on the game, they ran in a couple of tries, some of the back of our own mistakes and it really bit us early on. We felt that we could have come away with something from that game, in the second half we found our stride again, became more direct with our plays and we got back at them. That first half was our demon though, and if we could have cleaned up some of the one-on-one errors it could have been a different result.

Despite the results in the last two weeks, we do have plenty of positives to look at going forward. Waney always say that as long as he can see the effort out there, he won’t be disappointed with us, and I think the passion and commitment we showed in that second half against Hull showed just that. We didn’t give up and in the end we ended up scoring 20 unanswered points in the last half hour of the game, unfortunately that wasn’t enough but we gave it everything we had and made it an exciting finish.

Looking ahead to Leeds now, we have a couple of bodies that have the possibility of coming back in this week. Oliver Gildart, Ryan Sutton and Liam Farrell are all looking like they could be back either this week or next, so it will be good to have a few more options for squad rotation. It’s always a good game as well, it’s a brilliant atmosphere at Headingley and I think the contest between the two teams is always decent. A lot of people wrote them off after their huge loss to Castleford earlier in the season, but they’ve settled now and they aren’t in a bad position in the league, so it’s not going to be easy.

The boys have had a bit of downtime off the pitch this week, Chris at Revs Wigan had us all down for some lunch on Monday after training, which was nice. There was a lot of sore bodies after Hull, and we always eat together at Orrell but it’s nice to get away from the training ground with the lads as well. It was pretty relaxed and got us sorted ready for a busy week leading up to Friday’s game.

See you soon,