Clubb Man 2017 - 5

Clubb Man 2017 - 5

Hey Guys,

So, we played Leigh the other week and it was a horrible day weather-wise, which meant that it maybe wasn’t a very entertaining game. We knew it’d been raining hard all day, and that the team that kept hold of the ball would win, which we did really well. Leigh performed well, and I’m sure they’ll shock a few teams this year, as they did with Huddersfield at the weekend. We kicked well though and made the best of the bad conditions, our halves controlled the game excellently and I think that’s what won us the game.

We then went to Warrington, which was a better opportunity for us to throw the ball about and use the wings because of the dry weather. Our attack is coming along really well, and for us to keep a team like Warrington to a small number of points was a big effort, they’re a big attacking team and we coped with that. We had a few single errors which gave them a sniff back in the game, and if you give a top team that kind of chance, you can get burnt, but we held on and had a pretty convincing win to come away with.

We lost a few boys against Leigh, and it’s always tough losing big players, but we’ve become accustomed to that over the past few years. Luckily the injuries aren’t long-term, we’re talking weeks rather than months. On the other hand, the people we have filling in will do a good job. They’re great kids, good players and it’s a good opportunity for them to show what they have to offer.

That showed against Warrington on Thursday. Liam Marshall got four tries on his second appearance, Brucey (Liam Forsyth) had a good run out and Jack Wells too. That kind of experience will be massive for them and it’ll a proud moment for them and their families. We were happy for the new boys too, we’ve seen what they can do in pre-season and it was great for them to come in and help us out in such a big way. We have such a good production line, it definitely won’t be the last of the debuts this year.

We’re four from four in the League and we really are travelling well. I’m confident in this team, that if we play to the best of our abilities, we can beat anyone. Even after the World Club Challenge, we weren’t at our best but we still found a way to win, that’s the best thing about this team. We now turn to Huddersfield on Sunday, and hopefully we’ll come out from that with another win under our belts. It won’t be easy, but we’re determined to keep this good run going.

It’s the Family Fun Sunday game so hopefully we’ll see plenty of families turn out for this one and really get behind the boys.

See you soon,