Clubb Man 2017 - 14

Clubb Man 2017 - 14

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all looking forward to this weekend, the week is flying by already!

We head into the final on the back of two wins. The Huddersfield one was a good one and much needed! They were just above us in table so it was an important game, a must win for us and we felt like we did that well. We got to the end of our sets and competed well in very tough conditions.

It was the same with Salford on Friday, we kept knocking sets out and got some momentum going early. We took that through the whole game, which admittedly we haven’t done in some of the games this year. At half time we had a good lead, we felt comfortable, and Waney was happy. We were a bit upset to let them sneak a try in, but all in all it was a really solid performance and win for us. The last two weeks have been excellent, it’s a massive boost going into this week. We’d rather come in off a good win than a loss, so we’re going in the right direction.

The training for those two games was tough, Waney really pressed us after the loss at Leeds. It was up there as one of the more poor performances this year, so we had some meetings and tried something different to sort it out, which seems to be paying off. It’s no different this week either, we had a big session on Monday and Tuesday and the build-up has been good ahead of us travelling to the capital.

We leave on Thursday, we’ll have breakfast at Rigalettos with our families in the morning and that will be a nice way to say goodbye and gives us something to keep us going until Saturday. After that we’ll head outside and fans are welcome to send us off so it’d be great to see plenty of you there for that between 10:15 and 11.

We have the team run on Friday at Wembley itself, then it’s just final personal prep time for Saturday. I’ll have a lot of family there, with it being closer to home, so I’m excited. It’s such a good build up, we’ve had people coming in and getting the feelings going and the social media sites have been buzzing.

Myself and the boys will be around each other for a few days now, it’s nice to be together in these times. We don’t like being away from home, but it’s a sacrifice we make and if we win it’ll make it all worthwhile. I love my kids, and I’ll miss them for the few days we’re away, but I really want to go out and win it for them!

It’s an exciting week all round, I have to try take it all in because it passes so quickly. But I’m ready to play, it’ll be a proud moment for me to play at Wembley in front of my family, especially those that haven’t been able to come up and see me play. I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster year, with having a kidney out, but walking out at Wembley will put the ‘cherry’ on top.

It’s all surreal on a final day, when you walk out and the crowd erupts it’s just unreal, the atmosphere is crazy. You get pumped and ready to go, and that’s all down to the crowd and when the game kicks off, you’re in the zone then, you settle in and get on with it.

We’ve had some extra motivation in the form of Paul Holden, Wigan Youth Zone, and MC Gelz! It’s been good, a nice bit of something to take our mind away from the seriousness of Saturday. Paul is a nice fella, he’s done a great job pulling it together and got our name out there. He performed in the changing room after Salford, it was a nice moment to share together. I hope you’ve all downloaded it!

See you at Wembley,