Clubb Man 2017 - 11

Clubb Man 2017 - 11

Hi guys,

It’s good to be back giving you a perspective from life back on the field instead of off it. Once again, I can’t thank people enough for all the support and well wishes since my operation and on my return. Not just the Wigan fans but fans from all over too. One week I can have fans of opposite teams screaming against me, but it’s nice at times like this when you see how supportive the rugby league community is.

I found out during the week that I would be playing the Widnes game, I’m not really someone who gets nervous but this time I was. Once it got to game day though, I was just excited to get out there again. I didn’t really want much fuss, but I got an amazing reception off the crowd when I came on.

It was amazing to get on the scoresheet for the occasion too, I like to get my token one try each year, and it happened to be on my return which was a nice way to celebrate being back. My job is to come off the bench when some of the forwards are getting a bit tired and make an impact, luckily I did that.

I knew from last year when I was out with my neck that it would be tough coming back after some time out. During the game my lungs were struggling, but I expected that and just had to get on with it. We were back in for recovery on Monday and that’s when I felt it, the body was a bit sore but it was all worth it to be back out there playing again. I got to bang the drum in the changing room after the Widnes win too for the team song and it was the first time I’ve done that. The boys and Waney said some kind words, that was really encouraging and they chose me to do the drum too so that was a good experience.

Coming away from the game, we know we have a lot of improvements to make, but it’s a step in the right direction with a tough run of games coming up. We’ve got Catalans this week, which is always a tough fixture away from home. We’re doing it all in one day so it’ll be a busy time, but we know what we need to do and it’s important that we back up with another win.

These last few games are must-wins now, we’ve got two tough games over Big One Week against Warrington and Leeds and then we have to follow that up with a Challenge Cup Semi-Final so it’s important that we hit our form at the right time. With the loud support behind us and plenty of hard work, we hope to come away from those games with maximum points.

See you soon,