Clubb Man 2017 - 10

Clubb Man 2017 - 10

Hey Guys,

Things are looking good and I’m well back into my training now. I’ve been doing well and it’s good to be back working hard with the lads, I should be back into running next week and then hopefully it shouldn’t be much longer after that before I’m back if all goes to plan.

It’s always hard for anyone coming back from an injury, for me the toughest part of it all is being stuck on the sidelines and not physically being able to help my team out on the pitch.

At the training ground it’s easy enough to offer support to your teammates, especially the young lads who are quickly becoming a part of our immediate team. When the boys are out there on matchday though there’s nothing you can do to help unless you’re out there yourself. That’s been hard, especially when we’ve been put under the pump like we have in recent weeks.

We come off the back of some really disappointing results, but as always we’re determined to get it right. The story of our season so far seems to be that we haven’t managed a solid full-eighty performance. Against St Helens and Wakefield, we played well but then we seemed to lose control of the game and they found themselves back in it. Against Hull, we struggled to get into the game, but in the second half we turned it up a gear and got some points back but it was too late. I think that’s biting us a bit, but we want to do nothing but improve and get things right.

There’s been a lot of focus on this and game management this week. As well as our usual training, Waney has had us doing a lot of strategy and analysis on our iPads, hopefully this will show come Thursday when we take on Leigh. We didn’t get the result against St Helens last time out so we want to get the better of our other local rivals and pick up the two points against Leigh.

We know we have the Challenge Cup tie against Warrington coming up too, it’s great to see Oliver Gildart back this week and hopefully we can get a few more back for that game too. The season hasn’t panned out the way we would have hoped so far, but there’s still time to get things right, and the Challenge Cup is a big focus for us.

I better get back to training now. I have a big birthday next week, and it doesn’t get any easier when you turn 21…

See you soon,