Clubb Man 15

Clubb Man 15

Hi guys

I’ve got a nervous weekend ahead as I’m waiting on the results of a scan on my neck injury.

I should find out early next week if I’m ok to play again, fingers crossed I get some good news on that and then it’s straight back into the swing of thing really.

This is the longest period I’ve ever been injured and I’m a bit tired of it now, it’s hard going getting flogged constantly on your own. It’ll just be nice to get off the Watt Bike and out of the gym onto the field with the lads to train and play.

I think our physio Jo and my wife will be happy too, they’re both sick of the sight of me and to be honest I’ll admit I’m not the best to be around when I’m injured. I’m quite impatient, but like any player – I just want to play rugby.

It looks like we’re getting bodies back at just the right time, we’ve not really had a full strength team all year. We lost Sam (Tomkins) for the first half of the season then Micky for the season plus Faz and Gells for three or four months. Joel has also gone for the season but most people seem to be over their knocks now and will come back fresh.

Doing less contact work does freshen the body up and I think it might benefit us in the long run. Both Gells and Faz were immense last week against Saints so hopefully I can get back out on the field soon and play like they did!

I’m gutted the Olympics is over! I really found myself drawn in by it. I even watched the show jumping when Team GB was involved! I enjoyed the Rugby 7s though and to be honest I don’t see why Rugby League players can’t get involved in that, it’s a fast game but similar in many ways to League. I think we’d have a very good team to pick from too.

I’ll be tuning in this weekend for the Challenge Cup final. Obviously I’m gutted not to be there but I’ll still be watching. I think I’d like Hull FC to win it, just to upset the balance a little. People talk about the “top four” and I think it would be good for them to get the win because of that. They’ve also been the most consistent team so far this year and one of my good mates Scott Taylor is playing for them. It would mean a lot to him to win the Challenge Cup with his hometown team too.

The Super 8s has been interesting so far, I think London did well against Leeds and were competitive in that game. Leigh have also started well and you can’t back against them now, they’re in with a real good chance of being promoted now after their win over Salford. I think they have a good squad that would definitely do ok in Super League.

Take care, Clubby