Clubb Man 13

Clubb Man 13

Hey guys,

It’s Derby week but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. The boys are all pumped for the game on Friday, this is one of those games where you find motivation just runs through your blood, and all you want is a win at the end of it.

We came away from Leeds on Friday with a huge feeling of disappointment. It put a stop to our winning run and the performance, particularly in the first half was not one that we were too happy with. It’s something that we’ve highlighted in our review this week, there’s a big emphasis on starting the game with high intensity, rather than starting slow and then potentially having to chase the game in the second half. There were some positives to take from the game, but the loss was a big kick up the backside for us and maybe exactly what we need heading into the game against St Helens.

I’m gutted not to be a part of the derby this time around with my injury holding me back. When you come to Wigan you really embrace the culture, so even for those of us that aren’t locals, it is such a big and exciting game for us to play in and be a part of.

There is still plenty for me to be happy about this week though, I’ve started running again this week, which is a great feeling and the training is starting to come together. As well as running, I’ve been getting on with some upper body weights and I’m starting to feel better already, my neck still needs some strengthening but the recovery is looking good so far.

Training has been really good this week, besides some of the lads wandering around with their phones in front of their faces trying to catch something called Pokemon? I’ve seen them running to all ends of the training field trying to catch them. That stuff isn’t for me, so I just leave them to it!

Besides that though, you can tell that they all just want to get that derby win this week, you can see it in their faces and the way that the boys train. Waney knows with games like this, all the boys are hungry to go out and perform so he doesn’t need to give them any extra motivation because it’s there from the start.

We’ve got a big game next week in the Semi-final in Doncaster, but when you’ve got the likes of St Helens coming up, that really is at the back of everyone’s minds and we take it one game at a time. If anything, I expect to watch a good fiery game this week.

See you noisy lot at the DW on Friday,