Clubb Man 12

Clubb Man 12

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well. The boys wanted to say a massive thank you to all those that made the trip to Perpigna to make some noise and give us that boost on the road. Obviously Catalan isn’t an easy away trip to make, so to the 1,000 of you that made it they were really happy and loved the atmosphere.

I’m happy to say that I’m now back at work, doing what I love to do. There’s still a long way to go until I’ll be ready to go, but it’s good to be able to make a steady start. I’ve been able to do some conditioning and some leg weights as well as starting some rehab on my neck, so I’m well on the road to recovery now.

It’s been tough having to watch on the side lines, especially with the boys making it seven wins on the bounce now, but the wins have made it that bit easier. The boys are playing some good rugby at the moment, we’re travelling well and looking like a solid team.

We stopped a strong Catalan pack, which is never easy to do at their place, but it was a really good performance. The most important thing for us now is that we keep up this winning momentum and finish on top coming into the business end of the season.

We’ve welcomed a few more faces to the squad this week, obviously we got the news that Budgie was coming back a few weeks ago, and now we’ve got Frank-Paul Nuuausala on his way and Tommy Leuluai returning next season.

It’s always good to get some newbies, or in our case some oldies too. I used to play with Tommy many years ago with London, he’s a great guy and he can play 6, 7 or 9, so he gives us some good options there.

Frank-Paul is a big big fella, so I think he’s going to be another good asset for us. When we went out for the World Club Series in 2014, he sat a few of our boys on their backsides on the field, so I’m glad that he’s going to be playing on our side from now on!

Take Care,