Clubb Man 11

Clubb Man 11

Hey guys,

I’ve had my operation now, and I’m really happy to say that it went well. The surgeon was very happy with everything and it’s a very big step on my road to recovery. I had my staples out yesterday which is good, they were a bit uncomfortable but they’re out now and it means that I can get back to work next week.

For now it’ll just be some light stuff, and I’ll be getting some rehab to strengthen my neck and doing some conditioning too. I have a check-up in six weeks’ time, where hopefully the surgeon will give me the green light to push on and get back into full training.

I’ve been making the most of my time on the side-lines watching the boys. We’ve been on the road for a long time now, so to see us get five away wins on the bounce is really good. It’s never easy away from home, but I think we’ve performed really well, especially with us missing a lot of key players. The game last week looked a tough one, but as always the boys got their heads down and put everything into it to come away with another win, and to nil a team like Widnes is a brilliant effort.

It’s Challenge Cup week in camp now and the guys are really focused. I’d imagine Waney is working them harder than ever ready for Saturday. We’re well on course to get all three of the major trophies this season, so if we can keep producing the wins like we have recently, we’re looking good. I’ve never had the chance to play in a Challenge Cup final at Wembley, but funnily enough, I’m due to be back playing on the day of the Final. I won’t be expecting the boys to do all the hard work and for me to jump back into the squad straight away for that one, but I do hope we get there this year.

It was great to hear that Joe Burgess is coming back to Wigan next year too. I wasn’t sure if it was the pain relief or if it was real but that’s a massive signing for us. Before he left he was really setting the pace on the field, a great in-form player and I really got on well with him. For a young Wigan lad to come back to where it all started is great for the club and the fans too, it’ll be good to see him here again next season.

I best get some more rest in before it’s back to work next week!

Take care,