Clubb Man 1

Clubb Man 1

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all good? I’m really looking forward to seeing you all back at the DW this Friday for our opener against Catalans.

We had a bit of a change in pre-season this year, where we usually get to go to sunny Florida, this time we went to an army camp in Yorkshire; so that was a big change for us. We got to the camp at around 5am and we spent two days there, it was a lot of running and there was a big element of sleep deprivation, we were really pushed. We were massively fatigued, but it was a test of concentration, something which is very important in games even when we get tired. We did that before Christmas and then another camp in Wales at the start of the year, that was more about working on our skills and that sort of stuff.

Pre-season friendlies saw us visit Leigh and Salford away. Leigh was a good start, especially for the academy lads and in the long run I think this will definitely be a great help for them as they move forward in their games. We felt as though we let ourselves down a bit at Salford though, we weren’t always at our best standard but that’s something we hope to improve on as we get into the swing of things.

We have a couple of days now to prepare for the start of the season. We’ve had a good look at Catalans and some of their individual players, on paper they’re a very good team but it’s our job to apply all the new stuff we’ve worked on in pre-season and come away with the win at home.

The beginning of a new season is always special, and we have plenty to look forward to again. I’m particularly looking forward to the World Club Series game against Brisbane, Magic Weekend is always a good one too. I just can’t wait to get back out there.

Right, I’m in the middle of moving house so I best get back to that.

See you on Friday!