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CLICK HERE: /admin/resources/lotto-leaflet-june-2019-back-v1.pdf TO DOWNLOAD SIGN UP FORM

Lotto Weekly Draw Rules

  • Entry into the Lotto draw costs £1 per week
  • You will allocated 10 personal numbers that will remain the same each week that you pay your subscriptions as confirmed by our computer system
  • SIX winning numbers are drawn electronically at random 1st prize first to 6th prize
  • Consolation prizes of £10 will be paid to holders of the same number as the winners of prizes 1-6 but with a different prefix letter
  • The draw takes place weekly on a Monday at approximately 10am. Any members subscription not received by that deadline will not be entered into that weeks draw
  • Your collector/agent acts on your behalf and is responsible to you for paying your membership subscription to the Lotto office by the weekly deadline
  • In the event of any dispute arising between members, agents and the Development Association not covered by the rules then the decision of the Development Association - Committee is accepted as final
  • Members must have attained the age of 16 years to participate in the draws
  • All members are registered under you personal name and address and ALL winnings are paid automatically, there is no need to claim

Lotto Jackpot Extra

In addition to the 10 individual numbers included in the main LOTTO draw each week each Member will receive a computer generated selection of 4 additional numbers ranging from 1-40 which will be unique to that member.

The Jackpot Extra prize starts at £250, if not won that week the prize will be rolled over and a further £250 added to the prize pot the following week and so on until won - if nobody matches the 4 rollover jackpot numbers in any week it will keep rolling over until the prize reaches £7,500 at which point it will be drawn until it is won.

If a member matches the 4 numbers in the correct order and had paid his subscription for that week they win the prize and the Jackpot is reset to £250 the following week.

Questions about Lotto?

In the first instance all questions about Lotto should be address to the Vicky Cowpland at the Lotto Office on 01942 231321. In almost all cases Vicky will be able to solve the question, issue etc. However should you still not be satisfied with the response to the question we have a grievance procedure, please ask for a grievance form that will escalate the procedure.

CLICK HERE: /admin/resources/lotto-leaflet-june-2019-back-v1.pdf TO DOWNLOAD SIGN UP FORM