RFL launches respect campaign

The RFL today launches ‘Respect’ – a campaign to encourage the best possible standards of behaviours among all those involved in Rugby League.

Respect aims to improve touchline behaviour at community games, tackle abuse of match officials, address any player and fan misbehaviour, and ensure a welcoming environment at all levels of the game.  

The campaign has game-wide support – from players at the very top of the game who feature in the campaign launch video, and from professional club foundations such as Leeds Rhinos, whose Touchline programme will see them working with community clubs in the area and sharing the Respect message.

RFL Chief Executive, Tony Sutton, said: “We want everyone involved in Rugby League, particularly children and young people, to have positive and enjoyable experiences. It’s critical for the future of the game, because ultimately negative experiences turn people away and positive ones keep them coming back for more. And when it comes to match officials in particular, there is no game without them so we need to give them all the support we can. 

“Put simply, respect means treating others how you would wish to be treated yourself. And respect for each other will make Rugby League an even greater game. So today I’m urging everybody involved in our game – fans, players, match officials, coaches, volunteers – to show their support for the Respect campaign and make a positive difference in 2024.

Friday 09 February 2024