Heritage Society: June Update

The Wigan Rugby Heritage Society were recently invited by the Wigan Local History Heritage Society to The Real Crafty Pub in Wigan for a presentation of The Early Days of Wigan Rugby. The WRHS took a look back at the origins of the Rugby in Wigan from way back in 1862 through to the formation of the Wigan Rugby Club in 1872 and then onto the inception of the Northern Union in 1895.

A tour of a Virtual Museum was used as a basis of the talk, which was very well received by all who attended. Rugby was started up in Wigan town by a group of Cricketers who wanted to stay competitive during the winter months and also bring in a good stream of revenue to keep their Cricket ground healthy. These men met in the now vanished Dicconson Arms pub on Upper Dicconson Street and decided to set up a rugby team and play a few trial matches.

A plaque in Cricket Street off Prescott Street just after going under the bridge to Miry Lane commemorates the first game of Rugby League (Wigan v Tyldesley).  It is called “Cricket Street” because on this ground Wigan Cricket Club played cricket here before moving to their present ground at Bull Hey.

Part Two of the virtual museum is currently under construction, following the History of Wigan Rugby League from 1895 to 1914.

The Heritage Society are still looking for more people to be involved with the view of appointing committee members and helping with research. If you would like to become a member and be a part of preserving and celebrating the rich history of Wigan Warriors, get in contact with us!

Monday 03 July 2023