Emerging Schools Nines Festival

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation recently hosted the latest round of Emerging Schools ‘Nines’ Festivals at Robin Park Arena.

Involving six local high schools, Year 7 and Year 8 boys competed in a round of fixtures in a festival format. The Emerging Schools Nines Programme is growing in numbers every term with a number of new schools attending.

Andrea Murray from the RFL said: “The Emerging Schools festivals are a key factor for the growth of Rugby League in schools and at the RFL we would love to see this format offered to children across all Counties in England.

“It is great to see Wigan Warriors Community Foundation delivering Nines to multiple age groups at secondary schools, and to both boys and girls – Schools Rugby League is often the first experience that our players have of the sport. We are grateful for the support that Wigan Warriors Community Foundation provides to this area of the game, giving more young people the chance to enjoy Rugby League.

Shevington High School PE Teacher, Mrs Duggan added: “Shevington is 100% an emerging school when it comes to our competitive rugby provisions. Our boys seemed to quite enjoy the recent emerging schools completion – ran and hosted by Wigan Warriors Community Foundation.

“At first, the level of competition was a little too high for us, however through the support of the Warriors Community Foundation coaches, whom came on the pitch to support our boys, they all came off with smiles and a competing spark in their eye!

“We have had coaches (boys and girls) coming into our schools for the last five weeks and we are very happy with our student engagement within these class sessions. In addition to the after school provision which has been ran be Josh Buckley in all weathers!”

Community Foundation Assistant Manager, Danny Fullerton also said: “These regular playing opportunities are becoming popular alongside the high school delivery programme. Last term saw over 200 local students attend the festivals and this term will again see each Wednesday afternoon available for all students to attend Robin Park and compete against other schools.

“Alongside the male playing opportunities are the female playing opportunities which is seeing a rapid rise in more female school teams attending the festivals.”

Wednesday 15 March 2023