Community Stand early success

  • Community stand launched last week against Wakefield.
  • Successful debut against Wakefield Trinity in February with 1500 fans present from schools and Community groups.
  • Will feature at selected home games this season.

Wigan Warriors are pleased to announce a successful launch of the Community Stand.

The project, launched by the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation, saw 1500 fans from schools and community groups across Wigan take a seat in a specially designated area of the North Stand at the DW Stadium and witnessing an emphatic 60-0 victory on it’s debut against Wakefield Trinity in February.

The Community offer from last year saw nearly 10,000 attendees join us at the DW Stadium for selected home games across the season, from across 63 Club and School ambassadors; providing them with training opportunities, experiences within the club and access to group packages.

The Community Stand made it’s ‘debut’ against Wakefield, with a fantastic crowd in the North Stand meaning all four stands in the ground added some home support. The Stand was also utilised for the recent game between Wigan and Catalans, with the future looking bright for the project going forward.

Head of Community Guy Wood said: “Before the Wakefield game, we pushed this unique offer out to all our partners at community groups and schools to say ‘this is your stand, as a thank you for last season, this is dedicated to you.’

“On the back of that, we had around 1500 for the first game turn up in that North Stand, which meant every single corner of the ground was full of Wigan Warriors fans and celebrating this result with the players was amazing.

Poem written by: Tom Stocks. Performed by Warriors fans and players, produced by Victoria Ashton.

“At the end of last season we had different groups, schools and Community clubs come to us and say that they’re interested in a particular matchday offer. We went from around 100-200 people turn up for this community offer and by the end of the season it was around 1500 people. On reflection we thought, why don’t we grow the offer for the 2023 season and re-brand and refocus and push our own stand – which is now the Community Stand situated in the North Stand of the DW Stadium.”

He added: “It’s about promoting it right and offering it to those groups and people who we work closely with as partners. It’s a thank you to them for coming along on this journey with us and without those people we wouldn’t be on it.”

Club and school ambassadors have been contacted directly with details on how to get involved with the Community Stand.

Monday 13 March 2023