Custy’s Column

Cade Cust provides his first update of the 2023 season, discussing the end of pre-season and the opening two rounds of the Betfred Super League so far. Read below for the second instalment of ‘Custy’s Column’…

Hey Wigan fans,

It’s been a while! A few weeks ago we had Sam Powell’s testimonial which we all cared about a lot and wanted to put in a good performance. A lot of things went to plan and we thought it was a good performance, a good stepping stone going into the season and hopefully it was a good night for ‘Pow’ and something that he’ll remember for a while.

He’s done a lot for the Club so it was a very rewarding day for everyone.

Heading into the campaign, we were disappointed with the first game, we weren’t up to scratch that day and it just didn’t really click, we missed the jump a little bit.

I think it was important to put in a big performance back at the DW Stadium, having the fans back at home was unreal, they showed heaps of support and to put 60-points on was pleasing and a good base going forward now.

It’s been nice getting back alongside Harry in the halves, we’ve got a real good connection, his kicking game has been outstanding and I’m just trying to put myself in the frame for any kick chases, it’s really exciting looking at what we can do for this year.

You might have seen that my elbows are strapped up a bit this year, the tape is for just in case but it’s about having that stability in the elbows now. There’s no pain or worries now but it’s just precautionary.

I know the mullet has been getting a little bit of stick too, it was a little bit of a joke for the boys at the start but I’ll be getting it tidied up soon, so I’ll leave it at that!

Speak soon,


Thursday 02 March 2023