Heritage Society: December update

The Wigan Rugby Heritage Society have been working hard behind the scenes to research and expand upon details of the Club’s heritage numbers, games history, players’ stories and biographies.

As we enter our second year, we have a number of major projects that are currently being undertaken – one of these is to get a photograph or picture of every player to pull on the famous Cherry and White shirt going back to 1872. Whilst doing this, we are starting to uncover some unbelievable, funny and also heart-breaking stories. If anybody is able to help with this and ongoing projects that we have planned, then please get in touch. 

As mentioned a few months ago, the WRHS has been successful in a petition to get a Wigan Council Blue Plaque located at Folly Field. Located on Upper Dicconson Street, it was the location of Wigan Rugby Club’s original ground with matches played there since 1862. The final game held there in 1886 attracted 18,000 spectators from across the region to watch Aspull defeat Wigan in the Wigan Union Charity Cup. We will advertise the launch date once we have received this from Wigan Council over the next few weeks. 

We are still looking for fans, collectors, ex-players and family members to share their collections and pieces of memorabilia with us. The WRHS are in the firm belief that each piece of memorabilia should stay within individual collections or within the family group, but if you are willing to share these items so we can start to catalogue, photograph items and possibly write an article, then please contact us.

The Heritage Society is also looking for more people to be involved with the view of appointing committee members and helping with research. If you would like to become a member and be a part of preserving and celebrating the rich history of Wigan Warriors, get in contact below:

Twitter: @Wigan_Heritage

Facebook: WiganRugbyHeritageSociety

Website: www.WiganRugbyHeritageSociety.co.uk

Email: info@WiganRugbyHeritageSociety.co.uk

Monday 05 December 2022