Biville in France RLWC squad

Wigan Warriors Women’s Lauréane Biville has been selected in Vincent Baloup’s 24-player travelling France squad for the Rugby League World Cup.

Biville joined the Warriors mid-way through 2022, scoring three tries in four appearances in a fantastic return on the wing. She has 7 international caps so far.

France sit in Group B for the Rugby League World Cup and will face Australia, New Zealand and Cook Islands as they look to progress from the group stages.

France Head Coach, Vincent Baloup said: “This group will participate in the World Cup and I would like personally and on behalf of the staff to congratulate these 24 girls.

“They will not only have the responsibility of wearing our colors against the greatest Women’s nations in our sport, but they will have to redouble their efforts for more than 2 months, in their commitment and their attitudes, by devoting themselves even more to their preparation.”

France 24-player squad:

Elisa Akpa (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan/York City Knights), Gaëlle Alvernhe, Jeanne Bernard (Both Lescure Arthès XIII), Leïla Bessahli (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan/York City Knights), Mélanie Bianchini (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan), Lauréane Biville (Lescure Arthès XIII/Wigan Warriors), Mailys Borak (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan), Margot Canal (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan/York City Knights), Elisa Ciria (Lescure Arthès XIII), Anaïs Fourcroy (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan/Wigan Warriors), Cloé Guillerot (Lescure Arthès XIII), Tallis Kuresa (Bègles Bordeaux WRL), Cyndia Mansard (Toulouse Ovalie), Sarah Menaa (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan), Lise Michel (Ayguesvives XIII), Perinne Monsarrat (Lescure Arthès XIII), Elodie Pacull, Zoé Pastre Courtine, Fanny Ramos (All Saint-Estève XIII Catalan), Dorine Samarra, Manon Samarra (Both Lescure Arthès XIII), Cristina Song Puche (Saint-Estève XIII Catalan), Louisa Tooman (Lescure Arthès XIII), Alice Varela (Toulouse Ovalie).

France will kick off their World Cup campaign against New Zealand at the LNER Community Stadium, York on Wednesday 2nd November.

Wednesday 14 September 2022