Peet previews Wakefield

  • Matt Peet looks ahead to this weekend’s fixture away to Wakefield Trinity.
  • Peet: “Last time we went there we got off to a great start but the game had a few swings and momentum swings in it, so we’ve got to be prepared for the best of Wakefield.”
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Matt Peet said ‘it is never straight forward’ when Wigan go to Wakefield as they prepare to make the trip to the Be Well Support Stadium for the third time in 2022.

Reflecting on Friday’s win over Warrington, Peet said: “It all stacked up. The desire, we had some senior players missing so there was a bit of uncertainty about how we were going to perform but the lads were great with the effort, even in the first half when our skill broke down a little bit, I could see the way they were defending for one another and our effort areas, the camaraderie amongst the lads – that is what makes us proud amongst coaching staff above all else.”

The Warriors claimed back the Locker Cup in the win: “We had a few jokes around that being our second trophy of the year, but in all seriousness I think if we can continue that – it does create a bit of a hype and an occasion in the game. When you look at the history of both Clubs it was great to see past players from both Clubs enjoying each others company and sharing some stories so it adds to the celebration of our history.”

On this week’s opposition, Peet said: “I think what we do know with them is that it’s always tough, they have so much talent and the game is never straight forward. Last time we went there we got off to a great start but the game had a few swings and momentum swings in it, so we’ve got to be prepared for the best of Wakefield. They’re a desperate team who have everything on the line.”

He added: “I’m not sure what to expect with one of the stands now being closed, but you know it’s going to be challenging in lots of different ways. The important thing is their 17-players are fighting for survival and their Club is a proud one so we’ve got to be enthusiastic and committed first and foremost.”

Finally, the Club opened up the doors for an open training session at Robin Park Arena on Monday, on the day Peet enthused: “It’s certainly the biggest we’ve had in terms of turn out, it was huge really and the time was taken up for all the payers to get around everyone and have photographs but it’s essential, we’ll never stop doing that.

“It’s as important as any training session we will do all year, it’s what we want to be built on and I think the connection between the fans, the players and the Club seems to be strengthening – it’s not for me to judge but it won’t be through lack of effort. I know everyone who attended today seemed to have a brilliant time, the weather contributed to a fun morning and as long as our players are not running or wrestling they’re happy so a great change and long may it continue.”

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Wednesday 10 August 2022