Peet previews Warrington

  • Matt Peet previews Friday’s game against Warrington Wolves at the DW Stadium.
  • Peet: “A couple of weeks ago we found out not to judge a team based on previous results.”
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Matt Peet is looking forward to welcoming past players to the DW Stadium on Friday night as part of the Warriors Heritage day, where the teams will also face off to win the Locker Cup.

“I think the fact that it’s the heritage game is very significant to us as a Club,” he said, “we have a great history and some of our past players will be in attendance so that’s something we want to celebrate with our players and our fans and the Locker Cup adds to that sense of Nostalgia.”

On the history of the Club, Peet said: “I think our players stand on the shoulders of all those that have gone before them. That’s what is special about our Club, our history but also how we use our history to help inspire the current and the next generation. It’s not about only looking back, it’s about using what has gone before to power us forward and to learn from and inspire us. It’s a great time to tap into that and there’s no better game than this.”

Speaking on this week’s opposition, Warrington Wolves: “Warrington are a side who you know the supporters are going to get behind the team, they’re proud in their following and they’ll come in their numbers on Friday.

“They’re littered with internationals; overseas players and they’ve brought players in during the season who are bedding in. I think this time next year we’ll be talking about them as a play-off team but at the moment they’re looking to find that form and when they do they’re going to be dangerous.”

Peet also spoke about the ‘occasion’: “These are the games that you look for at the start of the year. The rivalry is there and that is because they are both strong Clubs, they have star quality and excellent staff. You know if you’re the slightest bit off your game, you’ll get turned over, Warrington aren’t in good form as far as results but they have enough talent and if they get off to a good start I’m sure at some point it’s going to stick for hem – our job is to make sure it’s not this week. A couple of weeks ago we found out not to judge a team based on previous results.”