Peet: Enjoy our journey

  • Matt Peet gave his thoughts as Wigan scored 11 unanswered tries against Hull FC on Friday night.
  • Bevan French also set a Super League record with seven tries on the night.
  • Peet: “I’m pleased for the team and the staff that we were able to enjoy tonight.”

Matt Peet praised Wigan’s response as they got back to winning ways in Betfred Super League with a big win over Hull FC, as Bevan French broke records.

“All you can do is respond,” he said, “You can’t fix last week, you can’t go back in time, you can only worry about the present moment and I thought the lads were pretty flawless tonight.

“There was some things we were looking to build on which were lessons learned last week but we just enjoy our journey together on a daily basis, it’s been a good week. It’s been an upbeat week, we didn’t dwell too much and I’m pleased for the team and the staff that we were able to enjoy tonight.”

It took 14 minutes before the first score of the game came, courtesy of Bevan French, but Peet said it was part of the process: “I don’t necessarily think it was a slow start, I thought we committed to what we set out to do, we built a game and it paid off the back end of both halves.

He added: “I was pleased with the energy, there was some things in there that won’t happen against other teams, we understand that Hull are depleted at the moment and they weren’t at their best tonight but there’s some things that we can build some habits on and in the bigger, tighter games they can stand up to the test.”

Peet was keen to praise his team following the result: “I just see it as a privilege to be involved with this group of players, Bevan included, but a lot of them commit to one another on a weekly basis. Even last week when we didn’t get the result, I remained proud of them and I know when we play well we’re a good team, but there’s more to it than that – they’re a good set of fellas.”

Finally, with Bevan French sat alongside him in the press conference, Peet spoke on the full back turned winger as he set a Super League record by scoring seven tries: “He’s been great for a while for us. Since he joined the Club, he’s done some special things and tonight was a night where he could showcase the talent that he’s got and that’s what we love about him. He’s got so much ability, he does a lot of selfless stuff, his team mates love him, he’s a pleasure to work with on a daily basis and he got everything he deserved tonight.”