Singleton: Good foundations

  • Brad Singleton gives an update on the pre-season schedule as the Warriors gear up for the 2022 season.
  • Singleton: “I want us to be in a position where we can go and do some good stuff, and I want to be heavily involved in that.”
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Brad Singleton talks pre-season, the mood in camp, new faces and personal aims for 2022 as he caught up with Wigan TV.

Singleton said: “I think the lads have been great, we’ve all been waiting for it, ready to rip in. Obviously pre-season is a tough time, it’s enjoyable but also has it’s tough moments but with it being after Christmas you know the games are around the corner. You see others playing the Boxing Day friendly, see other people playing on Sundays and you get the itch again. The sooner it comes around, the better.”

The forward is in double figures for pre-season schedules but he admits it’s all about building the foundations: “It comes around quick, I think this is my 12th pre-season full time in Super League so it does come around quick. No matter when you start, whether it’s October, November, December, once you get that slot it comes around rapid and before you know it, it’ll be Round 10.

“For us, and for me personally it’s about hitting the ground running, nailing the friendlies – that’s not saying wiping the floor with any team, it’s about ticking the right boxes and building the right foundations for a good year.”

He added: “I think we’re in a good place, we can’t win anything in pre-season but I think you can lose a season in pre-season, I can definitely say that hasn’t been done. This pre-season has set some good foundations, Matt [Peet] is a very smart bloke, he’s very respected within the camp and he’s got a hold of this group. He’s driving this culture, it’s working and everyone is buying in, for me that is everything.

“We’ll have to wait and see, I’m not going to say where we’ll be at the end but we’ll hopefully be capable for the big games.“

Singleton had plenty of praise for some of the new faces in the camp, as well as those who are familiar faces: “[Patrick] Mago, [Kaide] Ellis and [Cade] Cust they’ve all been great, they’ve complimented the group. I think Mago and Ellis will bring something, there’s some physicality there, they’ll bring something good and it will compliment our pack. The end game will be long, no matter what the competition for places, it’s great to have a little bit more experience in the pack, it’ll benefit us all.

“With all the young lads or those who have got three, four, five seasons deep, it’ll be good to see how they go. They’ve got the experience now, they’ve had the hurt and stuff like that which drives you, hopefully, the end product is great.”

The forward finished by laying down his aims for 2022: “For me personally it’s about enjoying it, enjoying the ride. Obviously a few years ago I went through the stuff with Toronto and it’s just remembering and being grateful for where I am. I am doing that but also on the back of that I also want to be one of the most consistent forwards out there, that’ll be my aim. I want us to be in a position where we can go and do some good stuff, and I want to be heavily involved in that.”

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