Bateman: Work as one

  • John Bateman spoke to Wigan TV on his pre-season so far, cultures and new faces.
  • Bateman: “It’s about us getting together and wanting to work as one.”
  • See the full interview with the Warriors loose forward on Wigan TV HERE.

John Bateman was full of praise for the togetherness of the squad as he reflected on a tough but enjoyable pre-season so far.

“Yeah it’s good being back around the boys,” he said, “it’s a bit different to what it was like last year and quite a few new lads, new faces – not just in the playing group but amongst the staff as well, but it’s good to be back.

“It’s been pretty tough to be fair, it’s been a lot different from what I’ve ever done before, there’s quite a lot of change. Lee Briers coming in, he’s taken quite a bit of it and he’s been really good. It’s been good with Matt, he’s brought a different element to it all but that’s been good. It’s been good but tough and it’s what we need.”

The Warriors recently took a trip to Altcar Training Camp as part of their pre-season schedule, something which Bateman relished: “It changed it up a little bit, a change of scenery and stuff was pretty good. I’ll be honest it was really tough, but it was good to spend some proper time with the lads, be around each other and get to know each other a lot better.

“Obviously it was a tough year last year with Covid restrictions so we didn’t get that time to bond. So, it was good being around the lads but there was some good tough stuff to do as well.”

The loose forward was impressed with the changes in culture around the squad: “Compared to last year, compared to where we were, the culture is more about us binding together and the fact we want to train for each other and play for each other.

”It’s not about being individuals and people wanting to do their own stuff, it’s about us getting together and wanting to work as one. That’s been big this year and I think going into the season it will be even bigger.”

On the new additions to the squad, Bateman said: “I’ve obviously got to know them all, they’re my new teammates now and they’re a good set of lads. There’s quite a few different players, a lot of Aussies in there so it’s a bit of a culture change for them but it’s been good. I know how it feels going across the world to play your trade, so I’m just trying to help them out as much as I can but there are some really good players and I’m really looking forward to getting on the field with them.”

See John Bateman alongside all the other new faces in action at the DW Stadium in 2022. Season tickets are on sale online HERE or at the DW Stadium Ticket Office.