Farrell: Competition for places

  • Liam Farrell discusses pre-season.
  • Farrell: “The content and quality that we’ve got out of sessions has been great.”
  • See the full interview with the half back on Wigan TV HERE.

Liam Farrell spoke to Wigan TV with an update on pre-season, standards, new faces and much more.

On Pre-season, Farrell said: “Obviously a big change in the coaching staff and quite a few new players as well. There’s been some adapting to that, getting back in the flow of things and getting the body used to long days – training days have been quite a bit longer than what we’re used to but they’ve been enjoyable at the same time, they’ve flown pretty well and the content and quality that we’ve got out of sessions has been great.

“There’s been times when the lads have needed to rip in and train hard, but everyone has done it tough, together. Positive signs so far.”

The forward was full of praise for the new Coaching staff: “He’s (Matt Pett) put a big emphasis on the culture around the squad, that’s not just necessarily on the field, he wants great standards off the field too. He wants new players in the team to know the heritage of the Club, past players and people who have gone before them.

“Briersy (Lee Briers) has come in, he’s a new lease of life in terms of his attacking style of rugby and how he wants us to play. He’s added his philosophies in there and it’s really shining through in the lads with their skills at the moment, so that’s going really well.

“Lockers (Sean O’Loughlin) has completely taken over the defensive side of things. Playing with him he had a great background defensively, so he’s got a lot of knowledge there and Ramon (Silva) he’s got a great wrestling background so he’s been helpful with a lot of the lads there. There’s some really good signs at the moment.”

The Warriors are almost back to full capacity with Cade Cust arriving on Wednesday 15th December, with just Bevan French to return to training. Speaking on the new arrival, Farrell said: “The more players that you can have in early doors when you’re doing skills on the field, the team is bonding together and it’s great. We’re only waiting on a couple of players, key players for us this year – Cade Cust, new face and a new player in the halves so he’ll be great for us and the sooner we get Bevan back the better, when he’ll be back is a bit unknown yet but we look forward to when we do get him back and hopefully he’ll be great for us again.

“We’ve also got some good young lads coming through as well, Harry Smith is getting back fit again and Logan (Astley) as well, so we’re looking pretty good in the halves. I’ve got to say, across the board there is a lot of competition for places at the moment, a lot of young lads who played last year they’ve gained an experience and are looking really good this year so there’s going to be a lot of competition for places, as long as everyone keeps fit.”

Farrell was quizzed on what he would like to gain from 2022: “Tough one! Obviously competing, 100 per cent want to win some silverware, that’s always my main aim – I want to win, but doing something special with this squad as well. There’s a lot of new players, I’m interested to see how some of these younger lads go who played for us last year with some more experienced players in there like Cade, Patrick Mago as well.

“Looking forward to seeing how the likes of Kai (Pearce-Paul) go, Kai had a really good year last year but I think he’s looking great in the off-season so I’m excited mostly about all the younger lads.”

The Warriors are now preparing for two pre-season friendlies in January against Newcastle Thunder before facing Warrington Wolves for Stefan Ratchford’s testimonial match: “Really chuffed for Stef to get the testimonial, to be at a Club like Warrington for such a long time and consistently playing your best year in, year out, is credit to him. He fully deserves a testimonial and it’ll be interesting, a big new set up here, we’ve had Lee Briers cross over from Warrington and they’ve got a full new set up there too, so it’ll be a really interesting game but a few more weeks under the belt then we’ll get ready for that one.”

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