Ellis: Here for a reason

  • Kaide Ellis speaks to Wigan TV after his first few days as a Warrior.
  • Ellis: “I want to earn the respect, start at the bottom and work my way up and hopefully push my way into the starting side.
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Kaide Ellis discusses his first few days of pre-season with the Warriors and how he’s finding the English weather…

“It’s been good. Obviously the first day of training, it’s getting used to the load, training back-to-back days is tough and then you have to throw in the English weather as well, that’s a challenge but it’s been good. I’m enjoying it, it’s been tough, the boys and the Club have been very welcoming so it’s very easy for me to adjust.

“This is a cold, miserable day in Australia so I’m a bit worried for when it gets worse but I’m sure I’ll adapt, I’m pretty easy going so I think I’ll be fine.

On the pre-season so far, Ellis said: “It was a bit of a surprise, the scheduling it’s quite big, there’s a lot of work and we don’t get much rest. It is necessary, this period between Christmas we’ve got to get a load in, running, skills and after Christmas sharpen up a bit and get ready to play. The first two weeks are always pretty miserable but then you get a bit of momentum and it just flows quickly and soon enough we’ll be playing.”

Ellis landed in the UK last week, but is already impressed with what he has seen: “I knew about the Club, how successful they have been. I know a lot of players like Sean O’Loughlin from watching him play in the World Club Challenges, so it’s pretty cool to be able to work under him. Until you see it all up front, it blew me away how professional it is, how we have the players, coaching staff, media and office staff all in one building. It feels like everyone is together which makes for a successful Club.”

On his fellow forwards, who he has spent some time with this week: “A lot of them are impressive; they’re very fit, very strong. I look forward to working with them, learning from them and hopefully I can bring a few things that I’ve learnt from playing in the NRL and help them. I’m looking forward to getting to know them more, I’m still stuffing up names, calling people opposite names so I’ve been chipped a few times for that but that’ll come with my learning.”

The Aussie forward is also looking forward to meeting the Warriors fans as soon as he can: “I’m excited to meet fans, the Covid restrictions have gone a bit quiet now so hopefully by the time we’re back out playing we’ll have full stadiums. I’m keen to get out and do some fan days to meet the locals, I’ve heard they’re pretty passionate so I can’t wait to play.”

Talking about his own game and targets, Ellis added: “Coming from the NRL I don’t want to feel like I can just walk in, I want to earn the respect, start at the bottom and work my way up and hopefully push my way into the starting side. Then I want to show that I’m here for a reason, show the Club why they paid for me to come over here and the fans as well.

“It’s probably a different story to a lot of other NRL players, they come a bit later in their career to retire and do the holiday, the travel side of things. I don’t want to get in that mindset of being here to travel and play footy, I’m solely here to play footy and I’m here to win. That’s the only reason I came, it’s to win.

“I’ve got a high work rate, high minutes and a bit of skill. I love throwing a couple of offloads around when I’m allowed to, in the past I’ve been told not to do that but I like playing free-flowing footy, playing what I see and just enjoy it, getting through as much work as I can.”

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