Farrell: A lot to learn

  • Liam Farrell speaks to Wigan TV as he reflects on the 2021 season and looks ahead to Wigan Warriors’ 150th anniversary.
  • Farrell: “In my heart it’s a special Club and it deserves silverware but there’s a lot of work to do.
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Liam Farrell caught up with Wigan TV as he shared his thoughts on a ‘disappointing’ end to the season and looks ahead to the Warriors’ 150th anniversary in 2022.

Wigan’s season came to an end against Leeds Rhinos last Thursday as an 8-0 loss saw them fall short of a Play-Off Semi Final. Speaking to Wigan TV, Farrell said: “Pretty disappointed to finish the way we did, as the weeks go on you’ll think about the season in more depth but overall there’s probably not a lot of good stuff to take out of it.

“Highlights are the amount of young lads that have shone through and got some good game experience under their belts. Other than that we haven’t come away with any silverware which is a must for this Club and something we will fix up.”

He added: “There’s only been one other season where I’ve not been involved in a Semi Final and even then we still won something that year. There’s been some good points in the season, also a lot of lows but I suppose there’s a lot of things we can learn from it as well and try to adapt next year and make sure we’re better.”

The Warriors second rower has had to adapt to other roles in the 2021 season due to injuries, speaking on his time as a centre, he said: “That was something completely new for me, a brand new experience that I’ve never had before. I was very nervous when I first started doing it, but as I went on through the weeks it became a little bit easier – I’d never say I got comfortable but it became a position where I could do my job and help the team out the best way I could.

“Not just myself, Willie (Isa) played there as well, we had Morgan Smithies in the back row and I thought he shone there, we saw Kai come in as well and he has probably made a name for himself now. I think next year he’ll be a key player for us, he brings something different to the game, so we’ve had a lot of injuries but we’ve seen a lot of new faces come on the scene who have consolidated themselves within the team.”

Looking ahead to next season, Farrell admitted: “It’s difficult to say how we’re going to go, but one thing I can say from this Club and all the players in it, there’ll never be any lack of effort, we’ve just got to smarten up what we do to come back better and stronger next year.”

As well as the new season, 2022 also brings the 150th anniversary for the Wigan Warriors. “All these players at the Club at the moment, we’re just playing a small part in the Club’s massive history,” Farrell said. “If we can get some silverware in the club’s 150th year it’d be great but it isn’t just going to be handed to us. There is a lot of things that is going to have to happen behind the scenes, make sure the players are working in their off-season and getting ourselves right for next year as teams are not going to just roll over because it’s 150 years for our Club.

“In my heart it’s a special Club and it deserves silverware but there’s a lot of work to do and if we can come away with some silverware for this great Club and treat the fans then it will be great, but that’s a few months away so let’s look forward to that.”

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