Season Ticket holder update: Hull KR

  • Every 2021 season ticket holder can claim a seat for the Hull KR game
  • New ticketing website launches next week to administer the seat allocation process
  • Priority day (Wednesday) for fans with a disability ahead of general release on Thursday

We are pleased to confirm that our 2021 season ticket holders will be able to claim their seats for our return to the DW Stadium against Hull KR (Friday 18th June, 7:45pm) from next week via the stadium’s brand new ticketing website.

Everyone who has already purchased a season ticket for the current Betfred Super League campaign is guaranteed a seat thanks to the more generous capacity limit applied to the DW Stadium compared to most other venues in the competition, a policy that can apply to every remaining game this season provided there is no downward revision of the current capacity under government guidelines.

Supporters were asked to choose between a ‘Sideline View’ or a ‘Behind The Posts View’ when purchasing their 2021 season ticket and will be able to select the best available socially distanced seats that correspond to their choice via the new ticketing website.

Sideline View season ticket holders will be able to select the best available seat(s) of their choice in blocks WS1-WS3 and WS8-WS10 in the West (Springfield) Stand and every block in the East (Boston) Stand. Behind The Posts View season ticket holders have access to any available seat in the North and South stands.

Tickets will be available on alternate rows in groups of up to six people from any household, with the system automatically configured to leave two spare seats between each group. It should also prevent supporters from selecting seats in a position that would leave additional ‘wasted’ seats between groups, in order to allow us to admit the maximum possible crowd.

In order to claim tickets for your group, you will need to know the client code and post code for every member of your group, as we need to account for which supporter is using each seat for track and trace purposes. As with every Betfred Super League club having to undertake similar processes during this period, we thank you for your patience in helping us by entering the key details that we need in order to determine exactly who is due to be inside the stadium for the game in compliance with current government rules.

Key dates for the process are…

Wednesday 9th June: Exclusive early access for supporters with a disability, to ensure that they can have priority for seats relating to their mobility needs.

Thursday 10th June: Seat selection access opens for all other season ticket holders.

Monday 14th June: Midday deadline for season ticket holders to have confirmed they would like a seat for this game, in order to determine whether we can make any individual match tickets available to non-season ticket holders later that week.

Please keep a look out for further details next week confirming the new website URL where this process can take place and the timings when seats will become available each day. Supporters who genuinely cannot use the site due to lack of internet access will be able to call 01942 311111 for assistance, but we ask that fans with internet access kindly refrain from using the hotline in order to keep the lines clear for predominantly older or disabled supporters who are unable to use the site for various reasons.

E-tickets for use on smartphones or for home printing will be available for this game and we encourage all supporters to use this system where possible, though printed paper tickets can be posted from the DW Stadium Ticket Office if you select this option when you confirm your order.

It is essential that all supporters familiarise themselves with our Code of Conduct – which is an essential document that all supporters must agree to abide by if they wish to attend matches while Covid-related protocols remain – and we have also prepared a quick ‘At A Glance’ guide to help you understand the various changes that are temporarily in place on matchdays, including certain facilities/areas that are closed, set arrival times at turnstiles and sanitisation/face mask protocol within the stadium.

To prepare for the process getting underway next week, we encourage all season ticket holders to check that they know their seven-digit client code, which is unchanged from the 2020 season and will begin with either a 3, 4 or 5 (any client codes beginning with R expired in 2019). If you do not know your client code, please email [email protected] or call 01942 311111 before the process gets underway, so that the ticketing team can confirm your client code for you.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to the DW Stadium after 15 months away and can’t wait to see stands adorned with Cherry and White once again.