Season tickets: your questions answered

  • Season tickets for 2021 are on sale between now and Friday 26th March
  • Letters have been sent to all fans who had a 2020 season ticket, explaining their renewal options
  • Our most frequently asked questions so far are answered here to assist with your order…

A fantastic surge of orders at the start of our 2021 season tickets sales period shows that people know we’re offering Rugby Worth Waiting For at the DW Stadium this year, and inevitably it throws up plenty of questions too.

In order to help save you time trying to call or email us with certain common queries, here’s a handy guide to some of the questions we’re being asked most regularly, and our answers…

Why can’t I get straight through on the phone?

We always receive an exceptionally high volume of calls in the first or last week of any sales period, due to the typical human nature of many fans wanting to be exceptionally organised while others prefer to leave it late to make their decision. The first few days of this week were no exception to this rule, but queue times are now a lot shorter now that we’re past the initial rush, so you may well get straight through if you call either of our hotlines between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

Please be aware that we have had to switch to a different phone system this year while the DW Stadium Ticket Office is closed, so you may not hear the usual queue prompts that you’ve been used to on previous calls to our ticketing team.

You are also welcome to email [email protected] with your queries and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

How do I know if I’m on Auto Renewal?

Everyone who had a season ticket in 2020 was sent a letter by post last week to confirm their personal details with regards to ordering a new season ticket for 2021.

The cover letter was carefully tailored to each recipient, with slightly different wording depending on whether you’re an Auto Renewal Scheme member, a standard renewal (e.g. you paid Early Bird, Renewal Price or Standard Price in 2020) or a supporter with a registered disability and their helpers.

If your cover letter (not the fold out brochure) doesn’t mention Auto Renewal, this means that you aren’t on the Auto Renewal Scheme and should follow the instructions in the letter/brochure on how to order online or by phone.

I was a 2020 season ticket holder but I haven’t received a letter – why not?

A letter was posted to every existing season ticket holder last week, with the last of those letters leaving our offices last Friday afternoon.

If you haven’t yet received your letter, it could simply be down to the volume of letters we sent getting stuck in the postal system, but if you’ve not heard anything by mail from us by now, please email [email protected] so that we can check your record and supply any information you may need to help ensure you can place your order.

I’ve realised that I have changed address since I last bought a season ticket but haven’t let you know. Who should I contact?

Please email [email protected] with your name, client code and details of the addresses we’ll need to change; our ticketing team will do the rest.

If there is more than one Warriors supporter in your household, please also let us know their names and client codes too, so that we know that they’ve moved with you and can update their records too.

I’m a carer for a supporter with a disability but haven’t received any information – why is that?

Normally we record both the supporter with the registered disability and the carer at the same address. If you haven’t received a letter then please speak to the supporter you normally assist to check if they have had the relevant information.

Please call 01942 762875 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm) and ask to speak to Louise, our disability liaison officer within the ticketing team, who can answer any queries that you may have.

If there needs to be a ballot for a game, will all of my group be able to sit together?

When ballots are needed, everyone that is legally allowed to sit together – based on Government guidelines regarding household mixing and social bubbles at the time of the game – should apply together, and will either all be accepted for a ticket or all be rejected for a ticket based on the ballot outcome; groups won’t be broken up unless we see evidence that the group shouldn’t have applied together because the collection of people didn’t meet the Government criteria (e.g. evidence that too many separate households are represented).

These rules are likely to change at various points over the course of the season as the Government lessens or tightens restrictions based on the number of Covid cases in the area, so please pay very close attention to all of our regular contact points and media channels for the regular updates we’ll provide.

My child is due to receive a season ticket as part of their Winter Warrior package through the Community Foundation – please can you tell me how that works?

Every child who enrolled on the course will be allocated a ‘Behind The Posts’ season ticket, but families who would prefer Sideline View are welcome to transfer the ticket there if they’re purchasing additional tickets for the same area.

All of these tickets are being processed over the course of the sales period and if you would like to add additional tickets to form a family group or social bubble alongside one of the existing tickets you’ve been offered through the Winter Warrior programme, please call 01942 762875 so that we can match these up for you.

The DW Stadium admission policy states that children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult to enter the stadium, so please bear that in mind in order to ensure you have the right combination of tickets to be able to enter the ballots that we are likely to need to run, especially for games earlier in the season.

I have received more than one letter in my name but with different client codes – why is this?

In previous seasons, some of our old ticket platforms allowed one person to buy multiple tickets in their own name, which accounts for why you may have more than one letter coming your way, even if you always bring the same family members or friends on the additional tickets in your own name.

Please contact the ticket office if this situation applies to you, because we strongly suspect that we will need a unique ID for every person entering the stadium in order to comply with Government Track and Trace rules, so we need to assign new permanent names to your additional tickets.

I donated my credit back to the Club last year, so why am I not on Auto Renewal?

Auto Renewal is a scheme that has run for several years and is not connected to the decision regarding the 2020 season tickets.

Auto Renewal is a scheme that fans can apply via the ticket office to join if they’re happy to pay early by Direct Debit every year; we’ll send you an update letter each year to confirm what we’ll be debiting from your account on the date of the payment run.

I can’t see my credit discount when I try to buy online – why not?

All supporters with credit will need to call us on 01942 762875 to place your order please.

This is because the online store we’re temporarily using to sell 2021 season tickets unfortunately cannot be configured to link your client codes to your online retail account, so sadly we can’t offer the credit discounts via this outlet, but it’s a swift and simple process to arrange this for you by phone as only a small proportion of our overall season ticket base is affected by this issue.

I’m having problems changing my old address to my current address via in order to be able to buy my ticket online – can you help?

Yes we can. Apologies to a small number of supporters on a couple of specific browsers/devices who seem to have encountered a problem at the moment of trying to save the new address.

Please email [email protected] and our retail team who oversee this site will be able to rectify this issue for you, so that you can conclude your purchase online.

I’m trying to buy online – why am I getting a message saying that season ticket sales have been suspended?

If you are seeing this message, you are on the ticketing website which is not being used for this years’ ticket sales. Please visit to purchase your season tickets.

Is the finance option live to pay in monthly installments?

It is. V12 Finance are our partners once again this year and you can click here to arrange to pay via four monthly installments, payable monthly from April through to July. Please note that this website and option are delivered by a third party, V12 Finance, not the Club itself.

Why can’t I order a parking permit for this year at the same time as my season ticket?

The car parks are owned and managed by the DW Stadium.

As they currently remain in administration, we aren’t able to offer a concrete plan for what will happen this season – likewise a resolution on exactly what will happen with the unused portion of 2020 parking passes – but we hope to issue a positive update on this issue as soon as circumstances allow.

I turn 60 part way through the season – can I split my ticket so that I pay adult rates while I’m 59 and then senior rates when I turn 60?

Unfortunately not; we always calculate the ages for season tickets based on your age as at 1st February every year. If you were 59 on that date this year, you’ll be an adult season ticket holder for the season; if you were 60 on that date, you’ll be a senior season ticket holder.

I donated my credit last year and have a missed call from the Club, which I think may have been one of the courtesy calls from players and coaches that I’ve seen people talking about on social media – will they call again?

That’s the plan! If we couldn’t get hold of you at the first attempt, the player or coach who has been allocated your name on their list of fans to will try you again at least once. Some have left voicemails when they’ve been able to, which we hope will be some consolation if you missed your hero!