Providing content during lockdown: Wigan TV

  • With over 130 games uploaded to Wigan TV during lockdown, Video Production Manager Stewart Frodsham gives an insight into the work behind-the-scenes.
  • Wigan fans given their rugby league ‘fix’ with over 160 hours’ worth of games. 
  • Jump in to the Wigan TV match archive for hundreds of classic matches!

During the lockdown period 130 games have been uploaded to Wigan TV and Video Production Manager Stewart Frodsham has given an insight into the work that has been done behind-the-scenes to keep content flowing on the subscription-based service in such difficult times.

In partnership with Principal Partner Prestone, Wigan TV has given fans their rugby league ‘fix’ during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Since the lockdown began 14 weeks ago, there has been 160 hours’ worth of classic games uploaded to the service. 

Stewart, who has worked for the Club for 20 years and as Production Manager since 2014, explains: “When we went into lockdown, we were faced with not having any content for the foreseeable future, so we quickly put a plan together in terms of what we could do with archive content. It was challenging to begin with, but once we put plans in place, we managed to shape our days and get used to the change in routine. 

“It’s a lot different to our normal working calendar of working at Robin Park Arena, seeing the players and interviewing them. This new type of content we are continuing to push out is second nature to us now.

“A massive thanks must go to Micron Video Productions who handed their archives over to us – all of it being new to Wigan TV and to the Club. Micron have always been fantastic. We work closely with them on a normal game day – they’ve been involved with the Club since the mid 1980s.”

Each week throughout lockdown, Wigan TV has focused on a different theme – spanning back through several decades and uploading games from the 1989-90, 1990-91, 1995-96, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 seasons, as well as rewinding to the Adrian Lam years, Magic Weekend years, all four World Club Challenge wins, memorable one-point wins and nillings. 

Subscribers have been able to watch highlights and the full 80 minutes of games, with at least one new upload guaranteed each day on the Wigan TV homepage.

Stewart said: “We’ve come up with some comprehensive themes that have featured between 10 and 15 games a week. 

“It takes time to re-edit old games but to see the output and some of the reactions from fans on Twitter and Facebook makes it all worthwhile.

“It’s always good to watch games back – sometimes you can forget how good your favourite players were or how good a certain season was.”

In addition to games being uploaded to Wigan TV, each Friday – as part of Warriors Rewind – the Club has ‘live’ streamed the full 80 minutes of a memorable match – relating to the specific theme from that week. 

He added: “Some fans have developed an appointment to watch Warriors Rewind at 6pm on a Friday and we tend to see the same people coming in each week, tagging their friends in, chatting and watching a game. It’s been great to see fans enjoying it.” 

Wigan TV is Wigan Warriors’ official video on demand and live streaming platform and its match archive feature allows fans to access its growing reel of archive matches. 

Simply click and watch the match you want to see again, selecting by season, opposition or competition. 

Whether it’s the chance to re-live the days of Ellery Hanley, Shaun Edwards and Andy Farrell, or just the chance to smile at some of the recent special moments we’ve seen from the likes of Bevan French, Jackson Hastings and Liam Marshall, it’s all there when you want it on Wigan TV.

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