Over 200 new Lotto members

Wigan Warriors Lottery Supervisor Vicky Cowpland admits in the 19 years in her role she has “never known anything like it” as over 200 new members have signed up to the Lotto in recent weeks. 

After it was temporarily suspended in March due to the Covid-19 crisis, Warriors Lotto began back draws on Monday. 

For the next three weeks, draws will be made every week day with the current rollover prize at £4,100. The rollover will increase by £100 each day until it is won, with the maximum prize being £7,500 – which has to be won by 10th July. 

Wigan fan and Coppull resident, Hilda Storton, became the first winner of the lockdown draws, picking up the £1,000 prize on Monday. There were also £200, £150, £100 and £50 winners. 

With Warriors Lotto now having over 7,000 members and over 100 agents, Vicky says she can’t thank people enough for their support in these difficult times.

She said: “I can’t thank everybody enough for all their help. Agents have gone out their way – they’ve been amazing. The amount of money they’ve collected is unreal. 

“The support has been unbelievable. We’ve had to reduce the prizes a bit for the time being but hopefully we are getting back to normal. 

“I’ve never known anything like it – in terms of people signing up and supporting us. It’s mad how busy it’s been. Everybody has been fantastic!”

In recent weeks, agents have been adhering to strict social distancing measures – in line with Government guidelines – when collecting members’ money door-to-door.

Vicky said: “It’s like a family. Our oldest agent is 90 and the youngest is 17! There’s a big range. I’d like to thank them all for their continued support during these challenging times.”

Want to sign up to the Warriors Lotto? It’s now even easier to enrol with Lotto for the chance to win big cash prizes – you can do it from the comfort of your sofa or even your bed if you’ve got a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer handy!

We’ve introduced a new online Direct Debit sign up form, which allows you to join our draw in aid of the Club’s Academy for just £1 a week, instantly providing funds for player development and putting you in line for the chance to win thousands of pounds worth of cash prizes.

So far in 2020 alone, Lotto has handed out in excess of £22,000 in prize money, whilst also generating around £16,000 of valuable funds towards our Academy structure.

With the ongoing lack of match action due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the income from Lotto has gained added significance, so if you want to support your club whilst simultaneously increasing your chances of winning a timely cash prize, this is the perfect place to look!

Our all-new online sign up form can be found here with a swift and secure platform in place to get you into the hat for the next available draw.

After 10th July – once the three weeks are over for the daily draws – Warriors Lotto will return back to normal. 

A full prize breakdown and list of draw rules and regulations can be found online via this link, but to give you a taste of what you could win, a typical weekly draw includes:

  • £1,000 weekly jackpot
  • Multiple consolation prizes of £250, £200, £150 and £10, amounting to £1,500 in total
  • Rollover prize of anywhere between £250 and £7,500

That’s before we even mention the two £10,000 prize draws that take place each year!

What are you waiting for? Sign up online for Lotto to support the future of Wigan Warriors and potentially win big in exchange for your kind backing.

Lotto is overseen by Wigan Warriors Development Association, which is registered with the Gambling Commission.  For any queries or more information on joining the Lotto, please contact Vicky on 07500673989.