POLL: One Pointers

  • This week on Wigan TV we are focusing on one pointer classic games.
  • Wigan fans have the chance to vote for which game they want to see ‘live’ on Friday as part of Warriors Rewind.
  • Scroll down to vote from four memorable match when the Warriors have one by a point.

This week for Warriors Rewind we will be streaming a one pointer classic game and we’re giving fans the chance to vote for which one they want to see ‘live’ on Friday.

Over the next five days, in partnership with Principal Partner Prestone, a selection of classic games from when Wigan have won by a point will be uploaded to the Wigan TV homepage for subscribers to enjoy in highlight and the full game form.

There have been thrilling matches down the years when the Warriors have snatched victories, whether it be by a last minute try, goal or drop-goal to win by one point.

On Friday at 6pm, we will be ‘live’ streaming one of the four selected games as part of our Warriors Rewind series on our Official Facebook Page. 

Warriors fans have the chance to vote on our poll to decide which game will be shown.  

The poll will end at 9pm on Wednesday and the game with the majority vote will be streamed ‘live’ in full.