100 games on Wigan TV in lockdown

  • This week Wigan TV will upload its 100th game during lockdown.
  • For the past ten weeks Wigan TV has given Wigan fans their rugby league ‘fix’ with over 125 hours worth of games.
  • Jump into the Wigan TV match archive for more classic matches.

This week Wigan TV will upload its 100th game during the lockdown.

In partnership with Principal Partner Prestone, Wigan TV has given fans their rugby league ‘fix’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the lockdown began ten weeks ago, there has been over 125 hours worth of classic games uploaded to the service.

Each week, the platform has focused on a series of classic games, spanning back through several decades. Wigan TV has uploaded games from the 1989-90, 1990-91, 1995-96, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2013 seasons, as well as rewinding to the Adrian Lam years, Magic Weekend years and all four World Club Challenge wins.

Subscribers have been able to watch highlights and the full 80 minutes of games, with at least one new upload guaranteed each day on the Wigan TV homepage.

This week, Wigan TV turns its attention to classic games from when Wigan have won by a point. Over the next five days, a selection of memorable matches from when the Warriors have snatched wins will be uploaded to the service.

Wigan TV is Wigan Warriors’ official video on demand and live streaming platform and its match archive feature allows fans to access its growing reel of archive matches.

Simply click and watch the match you want to see again, selecting by season, opposition or competition.

Whether it’s the chance to re-live the days of Ellery Hanley, Shaun Edwards and Andy Farrell, or just the chance to smile at some of the recent special moments we’ve seen from the likes of Bevan French, Jackson Hastings and Liam Marshall, it’s all there when you want it on Wigan TV.

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