Chaplain’s thoughts: Coping during Covid

During these difficult and unprecedented times for everyone, Wigan Warriors Chaplain, Glen Rickard, has put together some words on coping with the Covid-19 crisis.

Almost everyone that I interact with at the moment, seems to feel some kind of loss. Our hearts go out, of course, to those suffering through bereavement or the loss of their livelihood. I do feel however that it’s also very important for us to acknowledge any loss, even the smaller losses that pain us, such as a meal out with friends. These are strange days. We are constricted, confined and therefore unable to enjoy things that we once considered ordinary. Recognising and acknowledging losses helps our mental well-being enormously. So what do you do…..

Don’t try to carry your losses. Don’t bottle things in. If my wife picks up a thorn in her hand when gardening and leaves it unattended, it festers and turns poisonous. Do…express your grief, even over these small losses, to someone who you trust. Let it out.

Don’t believe everything that you think. Normal people talk to themselves (head talk)! However, please don’t believe everything that you tell yourself. Discipline your thought life, allow negative thoughts to pass straight through, don’t let them “nest in your head”. I’m told that 90% of what we worry about never happens anyway! Do…create hope in your heart, this season will pass. Not only that, some great things will happen as a result. I heard of a man who was woken up every day by his dad who said “time to get up son, something great is going to happen today”. Who knows what great thing will happen in your day today!

Don’t let the things you can’t do, get in the way of the things you can. Live while you wait! Plan a routine and a rhythm to your day. This gives you control and provides stability to your life. Decide to do something every day that you’re are good at, something that you love. Do… Ring a friend, take a walk, brew real coffee? Do something that gives you life.

Don’t lose the ability to dream. Why not risk dreaming? Dream about what you are going to do once lock-down ends! I dream of having our grand-kids to stay (they keep asking!). Do…write a list of 5 things that you are going to do. Things that you can’t do at the moment, and that you will never take for granted again. Stick it on your mirror. Look at it every day and dream. It may be a visit somewhere, or to buy something that you can’t buy at the moment. Do… allow yourself one big dream, a holiday, a change of car. Go on dream, I dare you!

Be hopeful. We can come through this and we will! Please click the link below. Something to bless you.

My best wishes to all.

Sunday 31 May 2020