Warriors Myprotein Workout

In these difficult times we are asking Wigan Warriors fans to get involved in challenges to enjoy at home.

Over the past nine weeks, the #WarriorsAtHome campaign has been primarily driven via our Twitter channel, as we’ve created a series of daily challenges to give our loyal fans something new to get involved with.

Today (Wednesday 27th May), in partnership with MyProtein, is Warriors Workout! Missing the daily routine of going to the gym? We want to find out what Wigan fans are doing to exercise and keep fit and healthy during these unprecedented times. What have you been doing to look after yourself and your body? It may be going out for a run, a walk, setting up your own gym at home or having your own personalised circuit in your garden. It could also be a drills circuit including a rugby ball or even a daily routine of running a certain amount of laps around your garden…

For their 16th birthday this year, Myprotein’s are celebrating 16 years of hard work – #16YearsofBeautiful.

Their #16YearsofBeautiful campaign is designed to celebrate the journeys people have been on when it comes to fitness and how proud we should all be. Today, we want you, Wigan fans, to share your “beautiful” with pictures and videos of yourselves working hard and your workout faces, whilst at home.

Make sure to make it Warriors-themed too, wearing your Wigan shirts and showing off the Cherry and White colours! 

Get involved on Twitter by tagging @WiganWarriorsRL and using the hashtags #16YearsofBeautiful, #WarriorsAtHome and #WednesdayWorkout for the chance to feature on our social media channels!