Wigan v Castleford: In Lockdown

Due to current circumstances, our Women’s team are yet to get their third season underway. Today was due to be a highly anticipated clash with Castleford Tigers Women, a fixture which always guarantees a spark.

With the fixture postponed under Government guidelines, the two sides decided to settle their differences in a series of virtual challenges.

These challenges included the longest plank, most press ups in 20 seconds, most keep ups with a rugby ball, naming the most Women or Men of Steel winners in 30 seconds and a passing time trial. 

Challenge 1
Most press ups in 20 seconds:
Youngster Hollie Dodd, of Castleford, came up against the Warriors’ Carys Marsh for this one. It was a solid effort from both sides, with Marsh racking up 24 press ups, but the Tigers took this one with Dodd totalling 31 press ups.

Challenge 2
Longest plank:
Warriors newbie, Danielle Molyneux, stepped up to the plank as she went head-to-head with the Tigers’ Kaitlin Varley. Both efforts raised the bar with some fantastic planking as Molyneux managed to get through 4 minutes and 4 seconds, but Varley made it to 6 minutes and 8 seconds.

Challenge 3
Most keep ups with a rugby ball:
We all know how difficult this one can be! Wigan and England Winger, Georgia Wilson, volunteered to give this one a go, with Amie Backhouse from the Tigers opting to take part. Backhouse put in a good showing, with 8 keep ups, including a respectable volley at the end, but it was our very own Wilson who smashed it out of the park – a grand total of 34 on the board!

Challenge 4
Name the most Women or Men of Steel:
We’ve seen some brawn, but what about the brains? It was the turn of Vice-Captain, Victoria Molyneux, who was attempting to name more Women or Men of Steel than her Castleford counterpart, Kirsty Duffield.
Molyneux got off to a flyer, correctly naming both Women of Steel and going on to list a great load of Men of Steel. Duffield named many similar, as they both listed off numerous names in the 30 second limit – the winner, was Duffield who edged Molyneux by just two! A very close contest, Duffield scored 26 to Molyneux’s 24.

Challenge 5
Passing time trial:
The final challenge was a passing drill which featured four England internationals. For the Warriors, it was Captain Rachel Thompson and full back Rebecca Greenfield – they faced Tara Jane Stanley and Lacey Owen in a bid to complete the set trial in the fastest time. There was some fine passing from the Cherry and Whites along with quick hands, but the Tigers took this one by two seconds.

It wasn’t a typical fixture, but it was an enjoyable contest for all as the players wait patiently for their opportunity to return to the rugby field. We would like to thank Castleford Tigers Women for participating in our virtual edition of this Women’s Super League fixture and look forward to facing them in person in the future.