Warriors At Home: Day 13

Every day for the next two weeks we are asking Wigan Warriors fans to get involved in challenges to enjoy at home.

The #WarriorsAtHome campaign is primarily driven via our Twitter channel, as we’ve created a series of daily challenges to give our loyal fans something new to get involved with each day.

Every morning, we’re going to set our fans a new daily task and we’re asking you to respond with a photo or video to show how you’ve interpreted our idea. We will then judge the most creative or uplifting entrant, who will proclaim that day’s winner.

Today’s challenge (Wednesday 8th April) is Wigan Window Wednesday! Have you taken the time to decorate your front windows with all things Cherry and White during your time at home? We want to see how you’ve brightened up your neighbourhoods for the benefit of occasional passers-by and shown your support for your favourite club.

Send your photos and videos in to us via Twitter @WiganWarriorsRL using the hashtags #WarriorsAtHome and #WiganWindowWednesday.

Wednesday 08 April 2020