Got out of Jail

Got out of Jail

Speaking to the media after Wigan’s 30-22 win over 12-men Hull, Shaun Wane said he felt that his team had ‘got out of jail’.

On the performance:

“I’m disappointed. I don’t like how we played today compared to last week. In patches we did some good things but we weren’t consistent enough against a team that were desperate.

“They went a man down and showed some desperation in their play. Their points of contact were better than ours in defence. I think we got out of jail a bit.

“I thought they reacted better to the sending off than we did. All of a sudden the ruck became slow, it was a slow game – the first half was 54 minutes. They wanted lots of stoppages and that’s what they got.

“We had a spell in the second half where we gave them too much ball and we ended up defending five sets. We eventually got the ball back and our attacking shape had gone.”

On Liam Watts being shown a red card for use of the elbow:

“I don’t think Liam Watts is a nasty player, it was just a quick reaction. It was tough for the referee to do anything else. I’ll let the RFL deal with that as they see fit.”

Reminded that his side are now up to third in the league table:

“I’ll be ok tomorrow. It’s two points, we’re eight out of ten now in Super League which is good but it was nowhere near last week. I think that took a bit out of us, as did last Thursday for Hull. It was two tired teams out there today.”

Wane confirmed that Michael Mcilorum was ok in the changing room after the game and that Joe Burgess missed the game with a tight hamstring.

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