Sam Powell Q&A

Sam Powell Q&A

Sam Powell says Wigan are rolling into this weekend’s game with Hull FC as they look to move into the top four.

We needed to get back on the horse last week against St Helens and we certainly did that didn’t we?

“We did yeah, it was a clinical performance. We could have used a couple of excuses to turn up and not be at our best but I think a lot of the lads took their anger (from the Cup Final) into the Saints game and we showed up really well.”

The win was huge for us in the grand scheme of things wasn’t it?

“It was probably a decider for our season. If we won then it put us in good stead to make the top four and have a crack at the Grand Final but if we had lost then we probably would’ve been behind and waiting on other results plus it was a Wigan and Saints derby which is massive for the town so we’re just happy that we got the win. It sets us up for this Friday and we’re rolling into Hull.”

You’ve not missed many games this year, do you think we are building momentum now we are nearing a fully fit squad?

“I think so. We are improving because results are coming in the right way. I don’t know all of the facts and stats but we have got some of our best players back in Sam (Tomkins) and John (Bateman) and combinations are really flowing now. We’re posting points and we’re not conceding too many so that’s the way we want to keep it.”

Hull FC away this week, has there been any talk of revenge for the Challenge Cup Final?

“I don’t think we were massively off in the Final but there are a few things that we need to put right. Hull are a very dangerous team and Wembley is always tough to back up but I thought they put in a good performance against Leeds so we are expecting a real tough game. They are a big set of lads and we need to handle them.”

What do we need to do differently this week compared to the Final two weeks ago?

“There were a few moments after half-time when we gave them a bit too much ball and in periods like that you can’t afford to do it because they then get a roll on and then it takes five or ten minutes to turn it around. A lot of people who watched the Final say that if there was an extra five minutes then we would have stolen it but we shouldn’t have left it that long. We just have to make sure we don’t do that this week.”

To see the full interview with Sam Powell as well as previews with Liam Marshall and John Winder visit Wigan TV HERE.

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