Bittersweet for Bruce

Bittersweet for Bruce

  • Liam Forsyth on making his debut for Wigan

  • Youngster admits it’s bittersweet for the young Wigan players who are playing at the moment

  • Forsyth re-joined Wigan ahead of the 2017 season after one year with Bath Rugby Union

Young Wigan winger Liam Forsyth says it’s bittersweet for the young players who are currently in the Wigan team.

In recent weeks Forsyth, Liam Marshall and Romain Navarrete have all debuted for the Warriors after injuries to a number of First Team players.

The former Bold Miners Junior who spent three years with the Wigan Academy debuted at Warrington as the Warriors ran out convincing 38-16 victors.

“I feel like I’ve been working for that for a long time so it was good to get the first appearance and the result as well,” he said.

“The likes of me and Marshy (Liam Marshall), we don’t want our mates to get injured but when they do it just gives us an opportunity, it’s bittersweet but it’s up to us to take that opportunity.

“Wherever I can get a shirt and whenever I get chance to play I’ll be looking to take that opportunity.”

Nicknamed Bruce by the Wigan players for sharing the same surname as the famous entertainer Bruce Forsyth, Liam re-joined Wigan in the close season after one year with Bath Rugby Union.

On his return to Wigan, he said: “I literally fitted straight back in. All of the lads are top lads, a lot of them I’ve known since I was 13 or 14 so it was pretty seamless really.

“It was different at Bath, there were different focuses and different things we were working on. Up here there is a lot of focus on the defence whereas at Bath it was more about kicking and stuff like that. I’d say it helped my game.”

The Warriors have strict rules for the First Team players and the youngster admits he fell foul of them a few times and had to pay one or two fines along the way.

“It was a bit of a culture shock. It was daft things really, wearing the wrong kit. I’ve never been an organised person, right throughout school but now I am, I’ve learnt what to wear on certain days.

“We have a team run kit and I turned up with the wrong shorts on, I realised when I got there!”

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