Apprentice of the Year gets Mayoral Treatment

Apprentice of the Year gets Mayoral Treatment

Winners of the 2016 Believe Sports Awards were invited to celebrate their achievements during a special visit to Wigan Town Hall.

The local sports champions were greeted by the Mayor of Wigan Borough, Councillor Ron Conway, including Wigan Warriors Community Foundations Reece Hampson who received Apprentice of the Year for 2016.

Thanking the winners for their contributions to local sport, the Mayor of Wigan Borough said:

“It was an honour to invite the winners from the 2016 awards to the Town Hall to further recognise their outstanding contributions to grassroots sports in the borough. The awards celebrate a range of dedicated individuals, from rising sports stars to the volunteers who freely give up their own time.

“These people are paving the way for more success in the future, and we can all be excited about the 2017 awards coming up in October, adding to the rich heritage of sporting success we enjoy in the borough.”

Reece Hampson proved himself to go above and beyond within his role as an apprentice for the Community Foundation. His hard work and recognition wasn’t only noticed by the mayor, as Reece has recently become a full time member of staff and now works for the Foundation as a Community Coach.

The Community Foundation continues to provide award winning apprenticeship opportunities for young people aged 16-19 with over 30 apprentices coming through our education and employment pathway within the last 3 years and with many continuing into full time employment or further education.

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